What Do Frogs Eat ?

What Do Frogs Eat ?

A close observation of a frog would reveal to any viewer that frogs are not endowed with teeth. Therefore, even before one goes into its diet preferences, the question that arises is how does it then actually eat? Well, the beauty of nature lies in the fact that it has equipped each and every creature with all adaptations that make it self sufficient.

To begin with, the most obvious feature that assists a frog in its feeding mechanism is its long and sticky tongue. This feature allows the amphibian to catch its prey insect at an extremely fast pace. Secondly, frogs are known to utilize their upper jaw to clutch the prey and thereafter swallow their food just like snakes. They do not use their jaws for biting or chewing purposes. Another unique feature that aids a frog in eating is its eyes. They actually help them to swallow their food! During the process of swallowing, the eyes of the frog sink in to give an additional thrust to the food inside the throat. However, to an observer, this process may seem more like harmless blinking on part of the frog.

The frog is essentially a carnivorous being. Its food consists of insects, snails, spiders, worms and small fish. The larger varieties of frogs are also known to consume mice. Although, the frog is blessed with certain defense mechanisms that provide it protection against its predators but there are several animals that still commonly feed on them such as snakes, foxes, dogs, bass, pike, hawks and seagulls. Frogs also form part of human diet. In fact, frog legs are considered to be a delicacy in certain parts of the world such France. However, while consuming this amphibian, one needs to ensure that the specific variety is not poisonous as some of the red, blue, purple and bright green frogs could prove to be injurious to health.

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What Do Frogs Eat