Where Do Frogs Live ?

Where Do Frogs Live ?

The amphibian, frog has been part of this planet for more than 200 million years. The animal has been located in every place across the globe except for Antarctica and other oceanic islands. These findings indicate that frogs prefer to stay away from extreme cold.

In fact, those living in the other parts of the world also go into hibernation during the winter months. The highest population of frogs can be seen in the tropical regions. Frogs tend to make the warmer parts of the world their homes.

It is a commonly known fact that frogs have the ability to survive in both water and land. While most frogs can be spotted easily swimming in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers; there are several varieties that are fonder of land. Such types of frogs only enter the water for mating purposes. Surprisingly, there is an arboreal variety in frogs as well that live on trees. There is prevalence of desert frogs also. This variant of the amphibian has adapted itself to the desert climatic conditions. The rainforests are also home for many kinds of frogs such as Broad-palmed Frog, Bumpy Rocket frog, Blue poison dart frog, Common Mist frog, Cane toad and Dainty Green Tree frog.

During the process of hibernation, most frogs go into burrows or reside at the bottom of ponds. Nature has created almost 5,000 varied species of frogs. From ages, the presence of frogs in the vicinity is considered to be a sign of a healthy environment. Unfortunately, today 30 percent of this number stands at the risk of extinction. The reasons for this loss include high pollutants in the environment, increase in the predator species and adverse climatic conditions.

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Where Do Frogs Live