How Do You Tell If A Gecko Is A Male Or Female ?  

If you have a couple of geckos as pets, then you would definitely want to know how to tell whether a gecko is a male or female. Most people find it quite difficult to differentiate between the genders. It is advisable that you wait until the gecko is mature before trying to determine its sex. In general, lizards tend to attain maturity when they reach about 9 to 10 months of age.

If you have a gecko, here is how you can tell a male from a female gecko:

First of all, look at the size of the body. When it comes to females, they are generally thinner as well as longer than males. In other words, the male gecko will be shorter, heavier and wider than its female counterpart.

Then look at the head. Male geckos tend to have bigger heads when compared to females. Also, the shape of the head will be squarish. However, this may not really help you in distinguishing the genders. One of the sure shot ways of telling a male gecko and a female gecko apart is by checking the underbelly of the geckos. In males, you will se a small bulge sticking out. This bulge will be located between the abdomen and tail. The female will be devoid of this bulge. Also, check for the femoral pores that will be located in the same region. These pores are obvious in a male and shaped like a V. In females, the pores will not be obvious and also they will be quite light in color.

Another way to differentiate between the genders is by looking at the coloring. Usually male geckos are brighter in color compared to their female counterparts. Also, males will be more aggressive in nature compared to females. It is always advisable to keep 2 males separate, otherwise they will begin to fight.

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How Do You Tell If A Gecko Is A Male Or Female ?




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How Do You Tell If A Gecko Is A Male Or Female ? )
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