Do Crested Geckos Bite ?  

If you want to know Do Crested Geckos Bite ?, the answer is a yes. They do bite, but you will not feel the bite. Generally, this gecko is rather timid and also friendly in nature. Unlike several other lizards, the crested gecko is not one to bite often. Nonetheless, it can bite its handler or even other crested geckos. Usually the biting will occur when the gecko is handled too much or during the mating season.

The good news is that the crested gecko has extremely small teeth that are not meant for chewing. The reptile tends to swallow whole insects and eat fruits that are over ripe or pureed. In case you have this reptile as your pet, make sure that the whole insects that you feed it are not bigger than the space present between its eyes and mouth. If the insects are bigger, the crested gecko may choke to death.

When the gecko is not used to be handled by its owners, it may bite them. However, this may occur early on when you get the pet initially. In the first few weeks, you should avoid handling the gecko too much. Let it get used to you before you begin petting or holding it.

When the mating season begins, the male will catch hold of the female by her crest. This could leave bite marks on the crests of the female. If you happen to notice it, ensure that the bite marks are kept clean to avoid any kind of infection. This is not aggressiveness, but a natural mating behavior.

Another reason for the crested gecko to bite is the eggs. A female will protect her eggs and may show aggressive behavior when she thinks something is threatening her clutch of eggs.

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Do Crested Geckos Bite ?




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