How Old Do Crested Geckos Have To Be Before They Lay Eggs ?  

Many people love to keep crested geckos as pets. In fact, they make ideal pets as they do not bite. Also, they are quite good to look at since they come in a variety of patterns and colors.

These reptiles are natives of New Caledonia, an island just off the coast of Australia. The lizard was first discovered in the year 1866 and its beauty was described by a man named Alphone Guichenot. Initially, it was thought that the crested gecko had become extinct on the island, but then, in 1994, they were found.

These geckos are nocturnal and tend to sleep during the day and hunt for food in the wild at nights. They live on trees, about fifteen to fifty feet above the ground.

Those who keep crested geckos as pets are always curious about how to breed them. It is an exciting prospect to see your pet lizard lay a clutch of eggs and then see tiny baby reptiles hatch from the eggs. So, How Old Do Crested Geckos Have To Be Before They Lay Eggs ?? Well, these lizards have to be around 3 months to 4 months old before they are sexually mature enough to lay eggs. When the female and male are sexually mature, which occurs when the geckos are about 9 months old, you can easily mate the two to get the female to lay a clutch of eggs without any problems. Nonetheless, it is advisable to wait until the geckos are a year old, so that they overall development and growth is completely. Also, make sure that the female gets ample calcium as egg laying depletes the body of calcium and it can cause severe bone problems.

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How Old Do Crested Geckos Have To Be Before They Lay Eggs ?




Where-Do-Crested-Geckos-Live      Before we find out Where Do Crested Geckos Live ?, let us first see what the gecko looks like. The lizard gets its name from the 2 rows of scales that run along the length of its body. The scales are crested and start from just above the eyes and run along its body till the tail. The scales are actually like spines that help to protect the lizard from predators. More..




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How Old Do Crested Geckos Have To Be Before They Lay Eggs ? )
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