How To Catch A Gecko In The House ?  

Geckos are an important part of the environment. They help to control pests. However, not everyone is happy to have a gecko living on the walls of their homes. So, people often look for tips on How To Catch A Gecko In The House ?.

The fact is that catching a gecko in the house is no easy task. But you can catch them nonetheless and then release them into your garden. So, here is How To Catch A Gecko In The House ? without making use of your hands.

If you find a gecko on the walls of your house, try to coax it to get onto a flat surface like a table. This coaxing should be done with the help of a stick. Just tap the stick gently behind the gecko till it moves. However, make sure that you do not use the stick to poke it. This may injure the lizard.

Once the gecko reaches the flat surface, quickly place a plastic container over it. Once you have the gecko covered, take a newspaper or thick piece of cardboard and slide it under the container. While sliding, try to once more coax the gecko to get onto the newspaper or the cardboard. Once this is done, slide your hand under the newspaper (or cardboard) and then use the other hand to hold the container and take the gecko outside. Then, release the reptile in your garden, in a place where your other pets cannot reach it.

You can even try to catch the gecko with your hand provided you have no qualms about holding a reptile. However, make sure that you do this gently and not hurt the reptile in the bargain. If you are manually catching the gecko, make sure that you immediately wash your hands with soap and warm water as reptiles are known to be carriers of the salmonella virus. Do not try to catch the gecko by its tail as it will come off and the gecko will escape.

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How To Catch A Gecko In The House ?




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