How Long Do Leopard Gecko Live ?  

Before you decide to get a leopard gecko as a pet, you should find out everything the gecko needs to live a long and healthy life. Also, you should make the time to find out how long the gecko lives as you will be able to provide for its wellbeing and also figure out when something is the matter with its health.

The average lifespan of a leopard gecko is around ten to twenty years. When the gecko lives in the wild, it can survive for up to twenty years without any problems. However, when it is tamed and kept as a pet, the lifespan decreases to about eight to ten years. However, if you provide for it correctly and look after the leopard gecko well, the lifespan of the gecko can easily increase to about fifteen years. In one rare case, it was found that a leopard gecko survived for twenty years in captivity.

The lifespan of leopard gecko is dependent on its environment and how it is made to live in that environment. Try to imitate the gecko's natural environment in the tank in order to increase its lifespan. This means maintaining a dry and rocky environment. Also, if you intend keeping a pair, make sure that the geckos are of opposite genders. If you place 2 male geckos together in a tank, they will fight for their individual territory.

The tank temperature should be maintained between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius during the day, and between 22 and 25 degrees during the night. The best part about the leopard gecko is that it does not need UV light to absorb calcium like the other lizards do. However, the gecko can still suffer from calcium deficiency. So, install an infrared bulb in the tank to heat it up and also provide light. Make sure that tank has heated and cooled areas within as these geckos are known to shift from hot areas to colder ones, or the other way round, to regulate their body temperature.

Place sand and water in the tank so that the humidity is maintained. This will aid the gecko when it is shedding its skin. If the gecko cannot shed its skin properly, it leads to health problems. Also, make sure that your gecko is fed with a balanced and nutritious diet containing calcium and vitamins. This will prevent it from getting diseases like mouth rot, impaction and egg binding which can all affect the lifespan of the gecko. Feed the gecko with small insects like fruit flies, mealworms, crickets and small roaches. Also dust the insects with calcium before feeding them to the gecko. Do not remove the shed skin from the tank. A leopard gecko will consume it as the skin contains many nutrients that are important for it.
If you follow the above mentioned care tips, you should be able to increase the lifespan of your gecko by another few years.

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How Long Do Leopard Gecko Live ?




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How Long Do Leopard Gecko Live ? )
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