What Can Live With A Leopard Gecko ?  

The leopard gecko is a native of south central Asia, and is primarily found living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwestern regions of India. This is a nocturnal lizard that prefers living on the ground, and it is the only gecko that has eyelids.

During the day, the gecko spends most of its time hiding under rocks or living in burrows. And, when dusk sets in, the gecko comes out of hiding to hunt small insects. These geckos usually live alone. Hence, when you have them in captivity as pets, it is best to keep them alone without putting them together with any other gecko or animal. However, you can keep male and female together for short duration. Never keep 2 males together as they will end up having territorial fights. But, you can keep young geckos together in the same tank or even females together. However, the same sized lizards should be kept together when they are young to avoid the bigger ones from dominating the smaller ones.

If you intend keeping a leopard gecko as a pet, then remember not to place it with any other reptile. Also, make sure that the tank has all the necessary items to keep the gecko comfortable and happy. For instance, there should be reptile caves and hide boxes for the gecko. In addition, to simulate the heat of its natural environment, the tank should have a heat source along with moderately hot rocks.

The ideal tank size for a leopard gecko is a ten gallon one. If you intend keep 2 or 3 geckos together, then the tank size should be about twenty gallon. The substrate of the tank should be out of paper towels, sand, bark and/or wood shavings.

You can feed your pet with crickets, mealworms and waxworms besides giving them commercially available gecko food. Just make sure that the live insects are gut loaded and dusted with calcium before they are fed to the gecko.

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What Can Live With A Leopard Gecko ?




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What Can Live With A Leopard Gecko ? )
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