Difference Between Gecko And Lizard  

Reptiles are vertebrate animals that possess characteristics such as cold blooded metabolism; either have four limbs or are descendants of tetrapods and have skin showing presence of scales. Reptiles are mostly oviparous that is they reproduce by laying eggs. These animals have extremely swift movement and can move on vertical surfaces as well. Gecko and lizards are both reptiles. However, while gecko falls under the class Reptilia, a lizard belongs to class Sauropsida.

A gecko is basically a smaller version of a lizard with a greater lifespan. Lizards are known to live for just one to three years, while a gecko has a lifespan of about five to seven years. In physical appearance, they differ from each other in certain respects. Lizards have moving eyelids, while geckos have large pupils but no eyelids at all. Their eyes receive protection from a membrane that they are often seen licking to assist in its lubrication. The toes of a gecko are also larger in comparison to those of a lizard. Their skin texture also varies in terms of the gecko possessing scaly skin unlike a lizard.

The differences extend to their dietary habits as well. While a lizard prefers to eat insects and fruits, a gecko feeds on butterflies, millipedes and cockroaches. The temperaments of these two reptiles also vary. Geckos are far more violent in nature than lizards. As pets, they behave best when kept alone as they have a tendency to display hostility towards any form of company. The processes of reproduction also differ in these reptiles. Although both lay eggs, lizards hatch their eggs within their bodies.

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Difference Between Gecko And Lizard




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