What Do Small Lizards Eat ?

What Do Small Lizards Eat ?

The food preferences of the 3000 diverse species of lizards found on the earth are quite diverse as well. There are herbivorous varieties that feed on only plants; the carnivorous lizards eat meat, while the omnivorous consume both.

Owing to the food habits of this reptile, one must be really well prepared before deciding upon a lizard as a pet. Its diet may be eerie or repulsive for many as the lizard by no means feeds on frozen meat. Their requirement would be fresh and live insects, worms and even the smaller mammals. Live crickets and worms can be easily procured from a pet store or can also be purchased online sitting at home. However, if your pet lizard cooperates by eating frozen meat, then you can count yourself lucky!

A gecko, which is a smaller version of a lizard, is becoming a rage amongst Americans as an option for a pet. However, this is a completely carnivorous lizard and therefore should be brought home after a deep thought. In addition to the provision of live insects and worms to the gecko, one also has to supplement its diet with vitamins in the form of vitamin powder dusted onto the live crickets.

In contrast to a gecko, an iguana is herbivorous in nature. They feed only on plants. However, the spiny tailed iguana is an exception in this species. This lizard requires meat in the juvenile stages in order to supplement the protein requirement of their body.

Surprisingly, the dietary habits alter in this lizard with age as the adult forms turn herbivorous. Therefore, while keeping this lizard as a pet, one must cater for mealworms, crickets and pinky mice while the lizard is young. As an adult, the food requirement would be rather simple such as vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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What Do Small Lizards Eat