What Kind Of Lizard Do I Have ?

What Kind Of Lizard Do I Have ?

Apart from being an uncommon hobby or pastime, keeping a lizard as a pet may also not be as easy as it may appear. The size of the pet in contrast to other animals such as a dog or a cat may seem handy but this pet calls for intense research and dedication. Also, the initial buying cost may make the pet look economical, but the paraphernalia required for its sustenance at home can cost quite an amount!

As a first step towards having a lizard as a pet one must ensure that the particular lizard is in sound health. Keeping this in mind, it may be adequate to buy a captive bred lizard in comparison to a wild caught one as the probability of incidence of disease is higher in the latter.

A beginner in this field should definitely commence with certain species that are relatively easier to handle. However, some of these varieties may need UV lighting for sound health.

The Leopard Geckos would be the best option for beginners. The requisites for this lizard are simple with no expense of UV lighting. All it requires is a small tank. Crested geckos and fat tailed geckos also fall in the same category and may prove to be an excellent choice as a pet. Green Anoles are also small lizards but UV lighting will be required for them. The Bearded Dragons and Blue Tongued Skinks may also be nice to have as pets owing to their submissive temperament. However, one must be ready for the expenses of a large tank and UV lighting in this case.

For those who have enough experience as lizard owners, there are diverse options available. Iguanas make good pets provided one provides them with ample space and lots of care. Tegus and monitors require large space owing to their size and one also needs to be careful with regard to their disposition. Those who consider themselves pros in this field could take a pick at chameleons, day geckos, and Chinese water dragons as well.

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What Kind Of Lizard Do I Have