Where Do Lizards Live ?

Where Do Lizards Live ?

The lizard is a reptile that is found in almost all parts of the world except for the extremely cold regions of Antarctica. With this exception, one is sure to find a lizard anywhere under the sun, be it deserts, forests, prairies, marshes or rocky areas. The Komodo monitor is the largest lizard known in the world with a length greater than a human being. The tiny gecko forms the smallest species of this retile.

Lizards have the ability to move around on the ground at a very fast pace. However, some of the varieties have weaker limbs and so may possess relatively slower movement. Lizards can also be seen on trees. A lizard basking on a log or rock is a common site as well. This reptile seems to prefer moderately warm climatic conditions. While most lizards tend to hibernate during winters, they seem most agile during a warm day. Again an extremely hot day could render them inactive.

Lizards can be herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous in their food habit. They are known to eat plants, vegetables, fruits, insects, bugs, worms, other lizards and even small mammals. They catch their prey making use of their eyes and smelling potential. For biting and swallowing purposes, they use their teeth present on the jaws and on the roof of their mouth.

Lizards fall quite low in the food chain as they also form the food of many animals. Although this reptile uses adaptations of alteration of color for camouflage or break off their tails to evade the predator, many still end up being consumed by birds, animals, snakes, and other lizards. Human beings also pose a threat to the existence of lizards. Lizard eggs and meat are not only consumed as meat by mankind but its skin is also used in the manufacturing of many expensive commodities.

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Where Do Lizards Live