Facts About Deadly Pacific Ocean Snake  

Sea snakes are mainly found in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. They are generally aggressive in the mating season. The snake's full life cycle is completed in water. Their venom is quite toxic and may lead to death if immediate anti venom is not administered to the affected individual. They inject neurotoxic venom that attacks the nervous system directly. Sea snakes are more poisonous than king cobras.

While some sea snake species like eating a particular type of fish species, others are not very choosy. They can survive on any type of fish. A few other sea snakes are specialized in consuming fish eggs rather than fish. Others also feast on eels and crustaceans like crabs, etc.

Aipysurus laevis is olive green in color. It likes to move in between coral reefs rather than staying afloat in water. Pelamis platurus is specific to the Eastern Pacific region. It has beautiful yellow colored belly and looks extremely attractive and colorful under deep sea waters. It is not found in inland waters or water bodies closer towards land. These snake species have a habit of swimming together in huge groups making it quite a spectacle.

Sea snakes generally reproduce by ovoviviparous mechanism. Here, the mother carries the eggs inside the body and lays them only when they are ready to hatch. This way, the mother gives birth to live sea snakes instead of eggs. Laticauda is the only exceptional sea snake species that does not give birth to live young. This species gives birth to eggs directly. This method of reproduction is called oviparous. The young ones hatch out of the eggs when ready.

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Facts About Deadly Pacific Ocean Snake




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