King And Milk Snakes  

If you are fascinated by reptiles and would like to own a snake as a pet, you could probably choose a king or milk snake. These snakes are very easy to tame and have a mild personality. Being non-aggressive and non-venomous, they make great pets for beginners. You have numerous species and sub species to choose from giving you plenty of options.

They have strikingly rich colorations and are often mistaken for venomous snakes. You can choose between red, orange, yellow and black colored spots and bands that beautifully line their sides, back and belly. They can reach a length of early 10 feet so can buy these snakes if you have enough space to accommodate them so that they do not feel constricted and uncomfortable. So choose a terrarium accordingly. Make sure the terrarium has a neatly secured latch on top because these snakes have a bad reputation of escaping even through tiny holes and lingering around in the household.

If you want to buy more than one snake, you would have to buy the required number of terrariums because these snakes are cannibalistic and tend to eat their other snakes when hungry. Do not place two or more thinking you are giving them company. Only one would survive in the end.

Rodents, birds and amphibians form a major source of their diet. So remember to feed them accordingly. They are temperature sensitive. Makes sure the terrarium has a temperature of about 76 to 86 Fahrenheit in daytime and a lower temperature of 70 to 74 Fahrenheit during nighttime.

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King And Milk Snakes




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