Reticulated Python Feeding  

Python reticulates or reticulated pythons are the longest python species found in the world. They are found in Asian countries like India, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. These species can reach a length of 20 to 30 feet. They are extremely powerful and muscular too.

They are found in a wide variety of habitats like forests, caves, trees and forest floors. They are also found in urban areas densely populated by humans. Reticulated pythons are so called because of different colored diamond shaped patterns on their skin surfaces.

They eat rodents, chickens, ducks, domesticated cats and dogs, pigs, monkeys, lizards, birds, deer and wild boar. In rare cases, they have been found to the attack and eat humans as well. They are not venomous. They make use of their muscular body to coil themselves tightly around the prey until the prey suffocates and dies of multiple bone fractures.

These reptiles are not very aggressive or dangerous. If you are planning to have one as a pet, you must take the size factor into consideration. These snakes reach staggering lengths of nearly 20 feet or more so you must stay in an area where you can accommodate a terrarium large enough to house a reticulated python. These snakes are very strong and can easily escape by lifting the lids. Therefore, fully latched ones made up of strong materials have to be bought to house these pythons.

You can feed a mouse once a week for younger pythons. The adults on the other hand require bigger feeds like chickens, rabbits, etc. Two to three feedings per month would suffice.

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Reticulated Python Feeding




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