What Do Pythons Eat For Food

What Do Pythons Eat For Food ?

Pythons are the longest snake species found in the wild. They belong to the Boidae family. A total of 25 species have been found in the wild. None of them are poisonous or venomous. In fact, they kill their prey by suffocating them to death by coiling over the body with their powerful muscular muscles.

They can reach a staggering length of 25 feet or more making them the longest in the reptile family. They are one of the heaviest as well and can weigh around 300 pounds or more. You will find these gentle giants in caves, foothills hollows and tree stumps. They are found in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands. They are nocturnal, that is they hunt and become active at nighttime. They cannot survive without drinking water and are therefore found very close to a fresh water body, pond, lake, stream or river.

The female can lat about 100 eggs at once. She uses damp moist conditions to place her eggs. She wraps them up and coils round them to keep them warm until they hatch.

Pythons feed on pigs, rodents, deer, mice, birds, lizards, shrews and salamanders. After constricting and swallowing their prey completely, they can live for weeks or even months without feeding again.

Their docile character makes them great pets. They are easy to tame and breed. Ball pythons, blood pythons, reticulated pythons and Burmese pythons are just a few types of pythons that are bred in captivity.

Extensive poaching and destruction of wildlife has caused a drastic decrease in their numbers making them endangered.

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What Do Pythons Eat For Food