How To Take Care Of A Turtle ?

How To Take Care Of A Turtle ?

In general, it is believed that having turtles as pets is not a very challenging task. Turtles certainly make endearing pets especially because they are quite undemanding but still their rearing calls for sensitivity and detailed information.

Unlike some of the other pets such as a dog, this reptile does not make any sounds to communicate its needs. Therefore, this puts additional responsibility on the owner to understand and cater for even its unsaid needs. The specific requirements of a turtle vary drastically in accordance to its species. Thus, it is becomes mandatory for the owner to be well aware of its pet’s classification.

Since turtles are essentially outdoor animals, therefore they thrive when kept in outdoor locations. Many species of turtles lose their appetites on being removed from their original habitats and get traumatized by captivity. The best way of taking care of your pet turtle is to create an outdoor habitat for it. A huge enclosure providing enough space for both, swimming and basking would be a perfect set up for the reptile. However, for many owners furnishing such an environment may pose security issues for the pet. In such circumstances, an aquarium with provision of deep water, basking area, heat and light source would be adequate for the aquatic species; while the terrestrial varieties would be comfortable in spacious wooden or plastic homes.

Mostly, turtles are omnivorous in their feeding habits but some species are particularly carnivorous or herbivorous in nature. Turtles require a well balanced diet with an emphasis on protein intake. Vegetables and fruits are also important ingredients of their diet. The frequency of food intake varies as per the species. Some of them can survive even without eating for a few days. Thus, if the reptile seems agile, the owner should let the animal be without forcing it to consume food.

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How To Take Care Of A Turtle