What Climate Does A Bengal Tiger Live In ?

What Climate Does A Bengal Tiger Live In ?

The tiger is the biggest animal in the cat family. It is a huge and beautiful animal that is bright reddish orange in color and has black stripes all over. The tiger belongs to the family of Panthera tigris. The origins of the tiger have been traced to Siberia and eventually from there they spread to the Asian continents.

Today, the tiger predominantly lives in India and Malaysia. Among all the species of tigers, the royal Bengal tiger is considered to be the most graceful. The royal Bengal tigers cannot survive in colder climates. The tiger needs a tropical climate to survive. However, the tiger has been living in different kinds of habitats throughout the ages. It can live in humid climates, mangroves and evergreen forests. It lives mainly in areas where it can find its prey. It hunts deer, antelopes, gaurs and wild boars.

Right now tigers are retreating more into deeper jungles because they are being poached for their skin and other body parts. Also, the tiger’s habitat is fast disappearing, so they are taking up residence in the colder locales deep in the jungles. Tigers like to live in solitude, and they usually mark their territories. They do not run very fast like some other cats to hunt.

However, the tiger is an excellent swimmer. It cannot climb trees that well. That is why the tiger restricts itself to grasslands and bamboo thickets. Hunting for the tiger is also easy in such landscapes because it is camouflaged, and can easily stalk and kill its prey.

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What Climate Does A Bengal Tiger Live In