What Do White Tigers Eat ?

What Do White Tigers Eat ?

White tigers are the rarest among all tigers that are in existence. These are little different than the Siberian tigers. In India, for a period of 100 years, less than 12 white tigers have been spotted. Whatever white tigers India has, are all under captivity in national parks or zoos.

The white tiger is not a separate subspecies, but it is the same species as the royal Bengal tiger. It is due to the lack of skin pigmentation that they end up being white. It could be a genetic disorder in the tiger. The white tiger is fully white in color and has black stripes all over its body. It is one of the most beautiful and magnificent looking tigers in the world. The white tiger is famous for its white fur and black stripes, pink nose and blue eyes. At times, this tiger can have a completely white fur without any stripes.

The chances of a regular royal Bengal tiger giving birth to a white tiger are one in ten thousand. The habitat of the white tiger is the same as that of the Bengal tiger. However, a white tiger is seldom found living in the wild. As mentioned earlier, most white tigers around the world can be seen in zoos. This is mainly because these tigers are nearly extinct due to poaching.

They hunt deer, antelopes, bison, cows, monkeys and peacocks for food. All tigers are carnivorous animals and have to hunt and eat for their survival. The white tigers also live in grasslands and mangroves. The average white tiger lives up to 10 years, but sometimes it can have a lifespan of 15 years.

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What Do White Tigers Eat