Why Are White Tiger Endangered ?

Why Are White Tiger Endangered ?

A tiger is one of the most magnificent of cats that a person will see. They are huge and majestic in their appearance. There is something extraordinarily attractive about a tiger which no other animal has. Unfortunately, due to this beauty and grace, the tiger is one of the animals that is on the endangered list and is very close to extinction.

In the year 1990, in the Indian subcontinent alone, there were forty thousand tigers. The campaign to conserve tigers started then itself and despite that, today in India, there are less than thousand tigers left. That is a ridiculously low number. Some of the other countries where the tiger can be found are China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea and Siberia. However, the remaining places, including Sri Lanka, have very few tigers left in their country.

One of the biggest reasons for the falling numbers of the tiger population is poaching. People sell the skin of the tiger for thousands of dollars. The pelt is used in making decorative items. The bones of the tiger are also used for medicinal purposes and therefore, poaching is widely prevalent. Sometimes tigers are trapped and killed by local villagers because the tigers come into the villages looking for food and attack the livestock. Sometimes the tigers end up attacking small children and human beings and that is why they are seen as a threat. The tigers are also not reproducing to that extent and hence, they are not growing in numbers. That is one more reason why tiger, including white tigers, are approaching extinction fast.

As the white tiger is rare tiger, whenever it is found in the wild, it will be hunted for its pelt. In the black market, the fur of a rare white tiger can fetch the poacher millions. Hence, it is mercilessly hunted if it is seen in the wild. This would explain why the white tigers are endangered animals just like other tigers. In addition, a white tiger is an anomaly. The chances of a white tiger being born are one in ten thousand.

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Why Are White Tiger Endangered