Fruit Bat Facts

Fruit Bat Facts

In some cultures fruit bats are believed to be a sign of good fortune, while in others they are considered to be sign of bad luck. Regardless of what you feel about fruit bats, this group has the largest as well as the smallest species of bats. Here are some facts about the fruit bat that you will find extremely interesting.

There are 2 types of fruit bats in the world, the Old World and the New World. The former consists of bats that are primarily found living in Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. An example of Old World fruit bat is the flying fox. On the other hand, the New World fruit bats are native to North and South Americas, and an example of this kind of bat is the leaf nosed bat. (See Reference 1)

These bats are normally found in tropical locales where fruits grow abundantly. Typically, you will find fruit bats living in tropical rainforests, but there are some types of fruit bats that also live in temperate forests and deserts. (See Reference 1)

The world's largest bat is a fruit bat, and it is the Malayan flying fox. It has a wingspan of 6 feet. The fruit bat which is the largest in terms of weight is the giant golden crowned fruit bat. This bat is native to the Philippines. There are also some small sized bats belonging to the fruit bat family. Many species of the long tongued fruit bat are just 5 to 6 centimeters in length.

As the name suggests, fruits form the main food of their diet, but fruit bats are also known to consume nectar from flowers. These bats are no carnivorous. The teeth of the fruit bat are adapted to bite through skin of fruits, allowing them to eat fruits that many other animals cannot eat. Generally, fruit bats tend to favor overripe fruits, and the kind of fruits they consume depends on where they are living. For instance, fruit bats living in Egypt tend to consume dates, whereas the golden capped fruit bat tends to live mostly on figs. (See Reference 1)

Fruit bats are not blind and even have the ability to distinguish different colors. Some types of fruit bats have vision that is as good as what humans have. (See Reference 1)

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