How To Get A Bat Out Of The House

How To Get A Bat Out Of The House ?

Come summer, you may end up having a problem of bats entering your home. This is also a common problem in old homes or homes that are located near a river. A person can get rabies from being bitten by bats. Hence, it will be in your interests to find out how to get a bat out of the house.

If you find bat in your home, the first thing is that you should not panic. Shut all the windows and doors of that room to prevent the bat from flying around the rest of the house. Make sure that you lock your pets away safely in another room to prevent them from attacking the bat and getting bitten. (See Reference 1)

Switch on a light in the room. The sudden light will work to disorient the bat for some time as it will think it is day time. Let the bat roost as bats tend to roost during the day. This will cause the bat to fly to some sort of support and hang upside down. Usually, it will make for the curtain or curtain rod. Wear rubber gloves and take a hand towel. Re-enter the room as quietly as possible and ensure that you shut the door on entering. Place the towel on the bat and then wrap it around it. Pull the bat gently to get it off its roost. At this point, the bat will be frightened, so try to calm it by talking softly and gently to it. (See Reference 1)

Take the wrapped bat outside and carefully open the towel and allow the bat to fly away. Alternatively, you place the towel on the ground and let the bat fly away. You need not worry that the bat will turn around and bite you. It will be too frightened to do this and will be glad to fly away. (See Reference 1)

Having a bat in the house is not an indication that the house is dirty. It is just a safe haven for the bat. To avoid bats from entering your home, just ensure that all openings and holes are sealed. This will prevent another such incident from occurring in the future. (See Reference 1)

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