What Do Bats Eat

What Do Bats Eat ?

Generally, it has been observed that majority of larger bats are fruit eaters, while the smaller ones are carnivores. Some of the hunting methods adopted by carnivorous bats are flying among the prey and hovering near trees to pick up bugs that dwell on trees. The Hawaiian hoary bat is called a gleaner because it hovers near trees and other surfaces to catch its prey. On the other hand, bats that swoop are mostly insectivores, but there are some species of bat that feed on fish, frogs and other species of bats.

The Phyllostomus hastatus living in Trinidad is an omnivore that tends to eat insects, fruits and also vertebrates. Then, there are the vampire bats that are found in South America which live solely on a blood diet. After feeding on the blood, the bat becomes too heavy to fly, so it resorts to hopping away. The vampire bats are known to transmit rabies if they are infected with the rabies-causing virus. (See Reference 1)

The fruit eating bats consume whole range of fruits, right from dates to figs to berries, guava, and much more. These bats are also extremely useful for pollinating flowers. In Malaysia, the durian fruit is extremely popular and is consumed quite a lot by people. A couple of decades ago, suddenly the farmers found that their trees were dying and they were not producing fruits. On investigating, it was found out, that quarrying that was going on in the vicinity was threatening the bats that lived in caves nearby. Hence, to prevent complete loss of the durian fruit, quarrying in that region was stopped. (See Reference 1)

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