What Do Bison Eat

What Do Bison Eat ?

The bisons are grazers that eat mostly grass. They are nomadic and move from one place to another in search of juicy green grass. Usually, at the stroke of dawn, you will the bisons leaving the herd in groups of 3 and 4 to begin grazing. They continue grazing until their stomach is full and then get some rest. Then, they start grazing again. This cycle continues until the bisons stop grazing for the day.

Each day, the bison consumes around 1.6 percent of its body mass. This is equivalent to eating around 24 pounds of grass every day. In a period of one year, the bison consumes around 93 percent of grass, 5 percent of forbs, and 2 percent of browse. The grass consumed by bisons includes blue stem, buffalo grass and gama grass. Forbs refer to the broad leaves of herbaceous plants. However, it can also refer to wildflowers and weeds. Hence, the meaning of forbs varies from person to person. However, where bisons are concerned, the forbs that they eat include wild flowers like sunflowers, and weeds like coshia. Browse is a plant that has woody stems. Usually, the bark can be peeled off from a plant that is categorized as browse. The browse that bisons consume most commonly includes elm and mesquite. (See Reference 1)

During the cold winter months, it is common for bisons to look for grass in the snow. In case the grass is not sufficient to fill their stomachs, bisons are known to consume twigs and shrubs during winter. They generally eat shrubs that do not grow very tall. (See Reference 2)

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