Where Does Daniel Radcliffe Live ?

Where Does Daniel Radcliffe Live ?

Actually the exact address of Daniel Radcliffe’s home in London is unknown to anyone. He is a very private kind of person and would like to maintain it that way. The press is not allowed to talk about the location that he lives in and where he works and things like that for his own security.

He also owns an apartment in Manhattan in New York and once a pizza delivery boy even shot the indoors of the house. However, it seemed like Daniel allowed him to do that. Most of his shooting schedules and place of residence in London are always kept silent. He lives with his parents and there is no doubt about that.

However, Daniel has created an address for his fans to reach him and anyone who wants to reach him should be able to do so at the post box address. He receives all the fan mails at the address of Harry Potter Productions. This step was taken assuming that most of his fans are responding to him with Harry Potter in view point. However, today there are thousands of girls who would love to meet him and do anything for him. 

Daniel at the same time has very supportive parents who help with most of the major decisions in his personal life and career. That is one of the biggest reason why in spite of being a billionaire he would not like to live separately. He also is known to live a simple life and in a simple manner.

You can contact Daniel Radcliffe at the following address via snail mail:

C/o Harry Potter Productions
         Leavesden Studios
         P.O. Box 3000
         Hertfordshire WD25 7LT

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Where Does Daniel Radcliffe Live ?