Does Jared Padalecki Smoke ?  

Jared Padalecki is the popular and handsome looking star from Supernatural. Girls from all over the world are hooked on to the television series mainly because of him and several are interested to know what he does on a daily basis.

There are several questions on the internet that you will find about him like does Jared smoke, does Jared have a girlfriend, does Jared have a date and so on. Jared Padelecki does not smoke as per many people who have worked with him. If an actor smokes, people will notice him at some point of time or the other and he will have no qualms about hiding it from the public eye. Also, for a regular smoker, it is impossible not to smoke while working. Many of his co-stars say they do not believe that he smokes. There have been some spoof pictures that show him smoking on the Internet.

However, the fact of the matter is that Jared was never personally quizzed about this question and no one has the answer from him directly. To know whether Jared smokes or not is a question that should be posed to him directly. Because there is no use playing guessing games when an actor has not accepted it or denied. It. Also, if he likes to keep his habit a secret, such things should be respected anyway.

Jared Padelecki stands as a role model for several youngsters and many of them tend to imitate or covet him. While having such a big fan following, it may not be a very healthy thing for an actor to smoke.

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Does Jared Padalecki Smoke ?




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