Is Jensen Ackles Married ?  

Jensen Ackles is one of the lead characters in the Supernatural television series along with Jared Padalecki and it is his claim to fame. Recently through a press release Jenson Ackles actually confirmed his marriage with Stephanie Ware.

This has become quite a controversial story in the media and newspapers and each one has a different story to tell as far his marriage goes. There were other rumors about him that he was dating actress Daneel Harris who was his co-star in Ten Inch Hero. After Supernatural took off, there were rumors that Ackles and Harris were very much in love and it was a highly romantic relationship. Soon after this, came the news as a shocker that Ackles was married to Stephanie Ware and for those who are wondering who she is, she is not from the movie industry. She works in the real estate industry and is a real estate investor.

However, so far Ackles has strongly denied any rumor of dating his co-star from Supernatural and also claimed that Harris is throwing false rumors about him dating the star. It is very difficult to tell who is lying and who is speaking the truth in Hollywood especially when two stars are on a denial trip. It is just one’s word against the other as no one really knows the true story.

Many stars also keep their relationship clandestine until a point where it comes impossible for them to do so and they end up confessing and acknowledging the facts. However, there are some actors who use rumors for attention and publicity, and in the bargain it is the people who are crazy about movies that get fooled and misled.

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Is Jensen Ackles Married ?




Jensen-Ackles-Current-Biograpy      Jensen Ackles was born on 1 March 1978. He is a popular American television star and an actor. Several of his television roles have been much acclaimed like Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady and he also have won Emmy Awards for his performance on television. More..




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