Ethnicity Of Keanu Reeves  

Keanu Reeves was born to Patricia Bond and Samuel Nowlin Reeves. His mother was a English born catholic and father was of Chinese-Hawaiian origins. Reeves mother was working in Beirut when she met his father where Reeves' father in spite of being a geologist was working as unskilled laborer.

However, when Reeves was 3 years old, his father abandoned the family and never returned. Keanu Reeves is multicultural, in fact, and did not belong to one religion by birth. However, he does have strong faith in Christianity and in general in God. Off late there have been several rumors that he is a strong believer in Scientology and also is a member of the Scientology Church.

However, whether that is true or not still has to be unraveled. Keanu Reeves, however, has not confirmed that he is a member of the scientology. Recently he had a brawl with one of the paparazzo who was stalking him and this made front page news. However, fans believe that Keanu is not a scientologist as members from this group do not believe in violence and they would not behave in the manner Keanu did.

Keanu also has lived all over the world and he grew up for the major portion of his life in Australia.

He had several step fathers and his life was not under any specific guidance. Later he went to college in Toronto and played hockey in the national team before coming into the movies in Hollywood.

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Ethnicity Of Keanu Reeves




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