Is Keanu Reeves Sister Still Alive ?  

Keanu Reeves has a biological sister named Kim who was born in Australia in 1996. Keanu was born in Lebanon in Beirut but does not hold a Lebanese citizenship. He is a naturalized Canadian with UK citizenship also.

Keanu moved all over the world when he was young along with his mother. Along with his own sibling, he has another half sister called Karina Miller who was born in Toronto and also his father had another girl child who also his is half sister and is called Emma Rose Reeves. Keanu never stayed in touch with his father because he abandoned him, his sister and his mother at a very young age. It is believed that he has no contact with his father's daughter.

Keanu, however, was known to be very attached to his own sister Kim. She was diagnosed with cancer in early 1990 and was battling it. Keanu and his sister lived together. However, his sister has lost her life in battle with cancer and the incident was extremely traumatic for Reeves.

Keanu never had a girlfriend and his sister was his best friend. While was shooting for Matrix, he had to rush from the sets to Italy because his sister called and fell unconscious while talking to him on the phone. Keanu has been a very devoted brother and he cared for his sister very deeply. Reeves and his sister were completely brought up by baby sitters and grandparents. So, they were always together while growing up. That is why his relationship with his sister is very special.

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Is Keanu Reeves Sister Still Alive ?




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Is Keanu Reeves Sister Still Alive ? )
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