Are Hilary And Haylie Duff Twins ?

Are Hilary And Haylie Duff Twins ?

Hilary Duff is one of the teen idols and she has acted in several movies made by Disney and also other directors. She is the younger sibling, and her sister Hailey Duff is also an actress but less popular one. Many people think that the two sisters are twins because of the striking resemblance between them.

However, Haylie Katherine Duff was born on February 19 of 1985, while Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987. So this clearly shows that these sisters are not twins and they have a good two year gap between them.

Their mother, Susan Colleen, is a homemaker and now a film producer. She made the movie called Cinderella Story in which Hilary Duff played the lead role. She also produced the film The Perfect Man. Hilary and Hailey starred in most of their home productions.

Their father, Erhard Duff, is a partner of a chain of convenience stores in the United States. He resides in their family home in Houston.

Both the sisters were trained in ballet dancing and also went to acting schools. It came naturally to them. However, Hilary rose to fame quickly after she made her entry though the Disney channel network. One of the most popular characters that she played was Lizzie McGuire which was later made into a movie also. However, Hailey had no such luck and yet she does continue to act in movies and has carved her own niche for herself. Career wise Hilary started when she was 10 years old and she acted in several television movies.

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Are Hilary And Haylie Duff Twins