What Year Was Michael Jordan Born ?  

It looks as Michael Jordan has been around forever in the basketball scene. And, basketball will never be the same again. But Michael is not that old for him to in the NBA forever. So, what year was Michael Jordan born? He was born in 1963, that is February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York.

However, Jordan's parents moved to North Carolina while he was a toddler and that is where he grew up with his two older brothers, one older sister and one younger sister.

Imagine what would have happened to all the fans who love and adore Jordan if he had not shifted to playing basketball? Jordan's first love was baseball but he did play football and basketball. However, he only started loving the game after his older brother continuously beat him in one-on-one games. This urged Jordan to try and become a better player than his brother.

Ironically in his sophomore year, Jordan was cut from the varsity team. But this did not put him down. Instead it further motivated him to work tirelessly to perfect his game. His hard work paid off and Jordan finally made it back to the team and led it to the state championship.

Jordan won a basketball scholarship to University of North Carolina. His popularity grew by leaps and bounds when in 1982 NCAA championship game he scored the winning basket. The little boy born in 1963 was a young man who won the College Player of the Year award in the 1983-84 season. This is the same basketball player who led the US men's team to an Olympic god medal in 1984 Olympics.

That is why the year 1963 has a special meaning for basketball and Jordan fans. It was the year that Michael Jordan was born.

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What Year Was Michael Jordan Born




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