Where Does Yogi Berra Live ?  

Lawrence Peter Berra, also known as Yogi Berra, was born on May 12 in the year 1925. He was a former Major League Baseball catcher, also played as the outfielder, and the manager of his team. He played baseball over 19 years in his career, from 1946 to 1965, for New York Yankees. Yogi Berra was the one player of the four, who are called “Most Valuable Player “of American League.

Yogi Berra was born in St. Louis, which is an Italian neighborhood and is called "The Hill". His father and mother, Pietro and Paolina Berra, were Italian immigrants. Pietro Berra was from Milan, northern Italy. He arrived alone in Ellis Island (October 18, 1909), when he was 23. Yogi had three brothers and one sister. His two elder brothers (Tony and Mike) were born in Milan. They came along with their mother a few days later. John, his younger brother and Sister Josie, were born in the town of St. Louis. Yogi's parents called him "Lawdie" as a pet name.

Yogi Berra grew up, on Elizabeth Avenue, with his childhood friend Joe Garagiola, who later became his competitor. The block he was born was also the home for, the great baseball broadcaster Jack Buck. So the place is now called the “Hall of Fame Place". Garagiola and Berra were both in South Side Catholic School, later called St. Mary's High School, in southern part of St. Louis. Yogi Berra later lived in his home in Montclair, New Jersey.

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Where Does Yogi Berra Live




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Yogi-Berra-Biography      Lawrence Peter Berra, better known as "Yogi" Berra is a former Major League baseball player and manager. Berra was nicknamed “Yogi” by a friend who said he reminded him of a Hindu holy man (a yogi), while sitting with arms and legs crossed while awaiting his turn to bat or after losing a match. More..




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