Where Is Mike Tyson Now ?  

After retiring from the ring, Tyson almost disappeared from the public eye. He was last quoted saying that his entire life was a waste, and that he was a failure and he wanted to escape. He said he wanted to become a missionary, and make better use of the remaining of his life.

Tyson was known for all the wrong reasons later in his career. He bit off his opponent’s ear and he was banned from the ring for a long time. People thought of him as a psychopath and then he had his series of broken relationships where former wives and girlfriends claimed he physically abused them. He was embroiled in a rape case for which he went to jail for three years. Tyson had lost his heart by then, and he also said in an interview that he has been driven out by his countrymen.

After retiring, Tyson went to his home in Paradise Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. He had some 350 odd pigeons which he used to take care of. He was also promoting a few sports companies and websites. In 2006, he was again arrested for a suspicion that he was in possession of drugs. Until 2008, every year he got into some trouble or the other with drugs. He went to therapy in 2008 and got out successfully.

Tyson continues to live in his Phoenix home and now in 2010 he has announced a come back. Tyson lives there with his current wife and daughter Milan.

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Where Is Mike Tyson Now





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