How Much Does Serena Williams Weight ?  

The number one ranked ladies player in the world and also dubbed as the best player in the history of ladies pro tennis, Serena Williams has always evoked questions about her weight.

            This primarily comes from the fact that she is built quite muscularly and displays immense power and strength on the court.Standing at a height of five feet ten inches, Serena is suppose to weigh around 158 pounds. It is all because of her nutritious diet and daily training regimen that Serena can keep her weigh according to her height and also meet the rigors of playing pro tennis so efficiently.

            World No.1 and one among the best in the ladies circuit, Serena Williams is a powerhouse of talent, physical agility and strength. She stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 meters, and weighs a healthy 158 pounds or 72 kilograms. Thanks to regular training and nutritious diet, Serena maintains a healthy body that can easily meet the rigors of competing in tennis.

            She dominates the courts with her skills, sheer power and determination, and all of these have helped her become the number one ladies player in the world. In fact, she had held this position on five different occasions. Serena, who turned pro way back in 1995, is very partial to the two-handed backhand. It is also her hallmark shot in a match; one that is sure to win her points with ease.

            Based on the number of tournaments and Slams that Serena has won, she has amassed over $24 million in prize money till date. She has won a massive 424 games, and just lost 92 of them.

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How Much Does Serena Williams Weight




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How-Tall-Is-Serena-Williams      Serena Williams is the current number one player on the ladies pro tennis circuit. She is from America, and is known to overcome her opponents with her sheer talent, power and skill. Considering that she is built quite powerfully, many fans constantly wonder how tall is Serena Williams. Without much ado, the answer to this question is five feet ten inches. More..




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