How Old Is Bill Cosby ?  

William Henry Jr. was born on 12 July 1937. He is a comedian, educator, actor, author, television producer, activist and also a musician. He will turn 73 on 12 July 2010. He started his career by giving stand up performances in clubs around Philadelphia. This took him to the ‘I Spy’ show, which is an action oriented show.

After that, he cast himself in a series of his own called The Bill Cosby Show, which was a comedy show. He also played a role in the children’s TV series called the Electric Company for the first 2 seasons. He was also the creator of the cartoon character Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids. He was also starred in many movies. 

In the 1980s, Cosby started his own production and also starred in the Cosby Show, which played for 8 seasons starting from the year 1984 until 1992. The main concept of the sitcom was the life of an upper middle class African American family. A Different World was also produced by him, which stood in the second place after The Cosby Show. He was a part of this show from the year 1996 to 2000. And, he was the host in the show Kids Say the Damndest Things for 2 seasons.

He was the favorite spokesperson and has also been the brand ambassador for the products like Kodak film, Jell-O pudding, Texas Instruments, Coco Cola and Ford. He was included in a book by a scholar called Molefi Kete Astane as one of the 100 greatest African Americans.

In the year 1976, Cobsy got a Ph.D in education from Massachusetts University. He had written a dissertation entitled An Integration of the Visual Media via Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids into the Elementary School Curriculum as a Teaching Aid and Vehicle to Achieve Increased Learning.

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How Old Is Bill Cosby




What-Is-Bill-Cosby-Middle-Name      William Cosby’s date of birth is 12 July 1937. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bill Cosby's middle name is Henry. From childhood, Cosby was talented in entertaining people around him with his jokes. When he failed his tenth grade, he joined the navy. He took his diploma through correspondence. He got a scholarship to study at Temple University. More..




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