How Many Automobiles Does Jay Leno Own ?  

Jay Leno has his own garage in which near about 200 vehicles, including 100 cars are present. He has displayed this wide collection on his website Jay Leno’s Garage in the form of photos and videos. All these vehicles have been put up in his personal garage.

The Big Dog Garage of Jay Leno is located in Southern California in which the vehicles are immaculately stored and cared for. The vast area of garage, which consists of 17,000 square feet, has the world’s largest collection of cars in excellent condition. A machine shop is also established in this vast garage wherein a lot of huge equipment is also stored for the cars and motorcycles.

Apart from having a collection of vehicles in his garage, Jay likes to cook food. There is a kitchen in the garage where ever so often Jay cooks food for his staff and visitors, especially when he is away from his television show Tonight Show.

Jay is not into displaying his vast collection of vehicles in his garage as things are displayed in the museum. Rather he likes to drive his collection of cars and motorcycles, and all vehicles which are a part of his garage. Right from the Stanley Steamers to Duesenbergs to McLarens, all exclusive vehicles are part of his garage in Southern California and can be found on the road during weekends.

Overall, the collection depicts nearly hundred years of history of automobiles. His person collection of vehicles includes 1906 Baker electric car, a 1906 Stanley Steamer, a 2006 Corvette, a Monteverde, a Bugatti Atlantic, a turbine motorcycle and many others.

However, there is one car that is extremely special to Jay Leno. This is a 1955 Buick. It is the first car purchased by Jay, and also he came to California in this. Jay has shared many moments of his life in this particular car. When Jay was a struggling as a comic in Los Angeles, he spent his nights sleeping in this car. He became so attached to this car that he did not sell it.

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How Many Automobiles Does Jay Leno Own




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How Many Automobiles Does Jay Leno Own ? )
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