Weird Facts About Edgar Allen Poe  

Edgar Allan Poe is one of America’s favorite poets and authors of several short stories. He is best known for his dark romantic works. However, he was also one of the most mysterious authors, who was surrounded by problems. He lived and died in a strange way.

Edgar Allan Poe lived for only 40 years, and throughout his adult life, he was known for his gambling and wayward lifestyle. His father abandoned his family when he was only 3 years old and his mother died immediately thereafter. He grew up with foster parents in Virginia. Poe married his younger cousin called Virginia, but she died at a young age. Poe was considered mysterious because of his works and the dark and chilling nature.

Poe went to the University of Virginia and dropped out due to the lack of money. He had a gambling addiction and always got into debts. His father bailed him out several times and eventually gave up.

When Poe joined the army, he did not tell the truth about his age. He was dismissed later by court martial.

Poe is known as the father of dark romanticism and modern detective stories.

Poe died in 1849, but his grave was unmarked. A stone was ordered for him, but it got destroyed in the train it was arriving in. There was a lot of gossip about him before and after he died. A few days before he died he was found on the streets of Baltimore in a delirious state.

Even today we find a bottle of cognac and some roses left on Poe’s grave. People have always wondered who left these things and why.

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Weird Facts About Edgar Allen Poe




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When-Was-Edgar-Allen-Poe-Born      Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1809 on January 19. Poe has two other siblings, William Henry and Rosalie. When Poe was three years old, his father left the family, and shortly after that his mother passed away. He was orphaned at a very young age. More..




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