Interesting Things About Langston Hughes  

James Mercer Langston Hughes was born in the year 1902 on February 1 in a place named Joplin situated in Missouri. Langston was a popular poet, short story writer, novelist, columnist and playwright. He was one of the pioneers of jazz poetry. He became quite famous during the Harlem Renaissance period. During this time, his work "Harlem was in vogue" won wide acclaim.

Langston’s work also dealt with social issues. “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, “I, Too, Sing America”, “Juke Box Love Song” and “Theme for English B” are great examples for this.

Hughes was brought up by his grandmother who explained to him regarding the African-American stories. This had a great influence on his work.

Hughes did not have a great relationship with his father. His father did not support his desire to become a writer. He wanted Hughes to become an engineer. Hughes studied in Columbia to pursue the same. But racial intolerance brought him back to Harlem where he spent time writing.

In 1929, Hughes graduated from the Lincoln University situated in Pennsylvania. The following year, in 1930, he was the winner of the Harmon Gold Medal for his novel titled “Not Without Laughter”. His first short stories collection was published in the year 1934 titled “The Ways of White Folks”

Since he was attracted to certain philosophies put forth by the communist party, he was accused to have become a member of the same. However, he never really joined one.

In the year 1967, he died of complications from a surgery for prostrate cancer on May 22. He was 65.

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Interesting Things About Langston Hughes




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Langston-Hughes-Biography      Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Mississippi on February 1, 1902. He was the second child born to Mercer Langston, who was a school teacher, and James Hughes. His parents were from mixed races, and Langston had a mixed blood of African American, European American and Native American lineages. He lived in several places in his childhood as his family moved around a lot. His paternal grandmother was African American, while his paternal great grandfathers’ were Scottish and Jewish descent. More..




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