Langston Hughes Family Life  

Langston Hughes was unique through his family as he was from a mixed race. He had Scottish, Jewish, European American and African American blood lines. His mixed ancestry always left him confused about racism, but he strongly disapproved of it. However, he always thought of himself as an African American. His father could never come to terms with it and he left their family when Langston was very small.

Hughes worked in several odd jobs to support himself throughout. He also served as a crewman on board of S.S. Malone in 1923. He spent 6 months traveling to West Africa and many places in Europe. When he returned along with the ship to the US, Langston went to Illinois to stay with his mother. Hughes also was a part of the African expatriate community in England when he was there in the 1920s.

Throughout his life Hughes was never interested in women, and so he never had a family of his own. Even in his childhood he was brought up by his maternal grandmother until her death, and later lived with family friends for a couple of years. He lived with his mother and father intermittently. He actually went to live with his father so that his father would pay for his college education.

According to some biographers and academicians, Hughes showed preference for other African American males and probably was gay. He showed love and respect to a fellow whites who worked with him. Hughes also allegedly had a black lover, but this cannot be confirmed.

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Langston Hughes Family Life




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Langston-Hughes-Timeline      Langston Hughes was the son of Caroline Mercer and James Nathaniel Langston, and was born in Joplin of Mississippi. He was born on February 1, 1902. While he was an infant, his parents separated. He then moved to Kansas, where he lived with his maternal grandmother. More..




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