Langston Hughes Timeline  

Langston Hughes was the son of Caroline Mercer and James Nathaniel Langston, and was born in Joplin of Mississippi. He was born on February 1, 1902. While he was an infant, his parents separated. He then moved to Kansas, where he lived with his maternal grandmother.

Langston Hughes was a famous African American poet, whose work highlighted the Harlem Renaissance

Here is a brief timeline of Langston Hughes.

In 1914, he joins mother and stepfather in Lincoln

In 1915, the family moves to Cleveland

In June 1920, Langston graduates from high school

In 1921, He writes The Negro Speaks of Rivers

In 1922, Hughes leaves Columbia University and gets involved with the Harlem Renaissance

In 1923, he joins the US Navy and is sent to Europe aboard the S.S. Malone

In 1924, Hughes takes up poetry writing seriously

In 1926, Hughes' first book of poetry, The Weary Blues, is published

In 1927, he writes The Fine Clothes to the Jew, which is also published

In 1929, he graduates from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania and then moves to New York City

In 1930, he wrote Not Without Laughter, a novel and it was his first one

In 1932, he goes to the Soviet Union to make a film on the African American experience in the United States.

In 1934, his father dies and in the same year he publishes a book of short stories entitled The Ways of White Folks

In 1935, he is the recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and his play The Mulatto makes a debut on Broadway

In 1938, his mother dies. He goes to cover the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent.

In 1938, he starts the Harlem Suitcase Theater to hold African American drama

In 1967 on May 22 Langston dies after an abdomen surgery for prostate cancer.

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Langston Hughes Timeline




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Poems-Written-By-Langston-Hughes      Langston Hughes was a very popular African American poet, who contributed greatly to the Harlem movement in the United States. Throughout his life, most of Hughes works were about Harlem and the racism that was prevalent in the country. He lived and worked in Harlem. In his lifetime, Hughes wrote short stories, plays and novels other than poetry. More..




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