What Critics Say About Langston Hughes ?  

Langston Hughes played a predominant role in the Harlem Renaissance. He devoted his life to writing about the African American people's struggle with racism. He was also bestowed the title of Poet Laureate of Harlem. His work is from different genres.

However, he is most remembered for his works on Harlem. He also wrote Jazz poetry and he used the blues and bebop music for his work. Most of his work had gentle humor, but he also used irony and satire at the same time.

Hughes always received a mixed criticism for his work. Some thought highly of his work, while others did not take them too well. Also, he was denounced by the black intellectuals for showcasing the lifestyles of the lower class African Americans in his work. He always called them unsophisticated and that irked several intellectuals.

The second poetry collection that he released was called the Fine Clothes to the Jew. This was very well received the literary world and instantly became popular. At the same time he was also criticized by the African Americans who felt that he should not have portrayed the community in the stereotypical manner.

However, Hughes was a down to earth person who loved his community. He had grown up with these people and knew that they could not afford a college education or did not have the means to listen to classical music.

He was also criticized by the African American intellects for not supporting the Civil Rights Movement wholeheartedly. When his work The Panther and The Lash was released, the critic wanted to know what politics Hughes had. However, Hughes was not into militant acts and preferred to use his words to educate and inform people.

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What Critics Say About Langston Hughes




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What-Genre-Does-Langston-Hughes-Write      Langston Hughes was an African American poet who wrote mainly about racism and the lifestyles of the African American community. Through his works he ended up becoming one of the most famous and celebrated poets of the century. Hughes wrote on all kinds of genre, and his works belonged to several categories. The most famous of his works were the ones that had the influence of Jazz music. He used it quite a bit in his works. More..




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