Maya Angelou Childhood  

Maya Angelou was born in St. Louis in Missouri on April 4, 1928. At birth, she was named Marguerite Johnson, and her parents were Bailey and Vivian Johnson. Her father worked as a doorman and then a Navy dietician, while her mother was a real estate agent and also a trained nurse.

Angelou had a younger brother, Bailey Jr., whom she loved very deeply. He had a stutter as a young boy and could not say her name. So he used to call her 'My Sister', which over the years changed to Maya. She continued with that name all her life. When Maya was three years older parents divorced, and she had to go away and live with her grandmother in Arkansas.

When she was seven years old, she went to visit her mother in Illinois and was molested by her mother’s boyfriend. Too scared to tell anyone, she confided in her younger brother. Her brother told her uncle about the incident and later her uncle murdered the molester. Shocked by the incident, Maya thought that her speaking about the incident to her brother had killed the molester, so she stopped speaking for 5 years. She only started talking when she was thirteen years old. She credits her teacher, who stood by her and was the reason she started talking again.

When Maya was thirteen years old, she along with her brother went to San Francisco to stay with her mother. Here she learned dance and drama, and also was the first African American student who received a scholarship for to complete this learning.

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Maya Angelou Childhood




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