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Oscar Wilde was born Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde on 16 October, 1854, and he died on 30 November in 1900. He was a popular Irish Poet and writer. His mother was also a poet, and it is believed that is how he got inspired to write poetry. His parents lived in Dublin and were respected intellectuals. Oscar himself showed interest in poetry at a very young age. He learnt French and German languages, and became fluent in using them very quickly. Oscar went to University in Dublin and after graduation he took up several kinds of work.

He took up different literary activities like writing books, poems, and he also traveled across America to give lectures about literature. He later returned to London and took up a profession as a journalist and worked for 4 years.

As a person he had a flamboyant dressing sense and known best for his timely wit. He was the greatest conversationalist of his times. He very soon became a public figure because of his talking skills. The Picture of Dorian Gray is considered as one of his best works for its language and supremacy. It is still read quite a bit across the world.

Through his works Oscar Wilde ended becoming one of the most acclaimed poets of the Victorian Era in England. The Importance of Being Earnest is taken to be one of his masterpieces. However, when he was extremely successful, there came a downfall in his personal life and he was put through several trials. He was incarcerated for 2 years on account of homosexuality.

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Oscar Wilde Biography




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Oscar-Wilde-Family      Oscar Wilde was born in an Anglo Irish family and was a Protestant by birth. He was born in Dublin to Sir William Wilde and Jane Wilde. His mother was a writer and a nationalist. Wilde's father was a top eye surgeon, and he also had written books on archaeology. In addition, Oscar's father ran the Dublin Eye and Ear Hospital. Oscar’s parents were respected intellectuals in Dublin. More..




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