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Oscar Wilde was born in an Anglo Irish family and was a Protestant by birth. He was born in Dublin to Sir William Wilde and Jane Wilde. His mother was a writer and a nationalist. Wilde's father was a top eye surgeon, and he also had written books on archaeology. In addition, Oscar's father ran the Dublin Eye and Ear Hospital. Oscar’s parents were respected intellectuals in Dublin.

Oscar himself started writing poems when he was only 12 years old. His parents saw this talent in him, and encouraged Oscar to study literature. He had a younger sister, but she died when she was only eight years old. Affected by this incident, Oscar wrote the poem Requiescat when he was 12. In 1855, his family moved to live in Dublin’s upscale locality called the Merrion Square. Also, Oscar grew up in an influential family, and had the good fortune of spending his holidays in holiday homes at Waterford, Wexford, and in Mayo.

Oscar graduated in Magdalen and then came back to Dublin. He fell in love with Florence Balcome. However, she ended up becoming engaged to Bram Stoker. When Oscar heard about it, he wrote to her about his decision to leave Ireland forever. He spent the remaining days of his life in London, Paris and the US. After he left his country, he visited Ireland only twice. Back in London after six years of travel, Oscar met Constance Lloyd, who was a daughter of a very wealthy queen’s counsel. He proposed to her, and they were later married on May 29, 1884. He had two sons with her.

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Oscar Wilde Family




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Oscar-Wilde-Timeline      Oscar Wilde, the famous poet and writer, was christened Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde. Many of his works have been translated to different languages. Some of his plays and poems have been made into movies. More..




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