How Did Sylvia Plath Die ?  

Sylvia Plath was a child prodigy, and she was a perfect child and student. She was praised by everyone for her perfectionist nature; as she did everything right from the word go. When she was eight years old, her father died. This left Sylvia quite sad and also she developed suicidal tendencies later in her life.

She attempted to commit suicide when she was in junior college by taking seeping pills and overdosing on them. However, she survived that incident.

Plath ended her life when she was only thirty years old. She locked herself in a room with her children in another room. Plath put her head into the oven and turned on the gas. The next morning she was declared dead. However, it was comprehended that Plath really did not intend on killing herself or never thought she would succeed. Also, she asked her neighbor Mr. Thomas at what time he would be leaving the next morning. She also left a note that was a reminder to call Dr. Horder and even had his phone number written down. The next morning the baby sitter could not get into the apartment and had a workman help her get in. It is then that the baby sitter and the handyman found Plath. Her head was still inside the oven.

However, in her biography it was written that she pushed her head deep into the oven and she had all intentions of killing herself. Also, there were claims that her husband was abusive towards Plath. The exact reasons for her suicide were never known even to her good friends.

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How Did Sylvia Plath Die




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Sylvia-Plath-Poems      Sylvia Plath started writing poems when she was only eight years old. She published her first poem at 8. When she was studying on scholarship in junior college, she had written more than 400 poems. She was considered to be a prodigy, could write really fast. More..




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