Facts Of William Blake  

William Blake was one of the most spontaneous poets of his time. However, he was considered as a madman while he lived. He had very little respect in the society for his intelligence. However, today, he is known for his imaginative contributions and one of the greatest poets of the 18th century. His work always had dichotomy in it like it would feature life and death, heaven and hell, spirit and reason, contention and excess and so on.

Here are some of the interesting facts about William Blake, his work and his life.

  • Blake wrote several poems n mythology, satires, politics and prophecies.
  • Blake was considered mad because he predicted several things and was always doing it unwarranted.
  • Blake told people that he had mystical visions in his life. When he was only four years old, he said he had seen God, who had put up his head on the window; and when he was nine years old, he saw a tree full of angels. Many people who heard him speak this way thought that he was delusional.
  • Blake married the illiterate Catherine Boucher and then he taught her how to read and write and also make drafts so that they could work together. He even had plans to publish along with her.
  • Blake actually credits most of his works to his dead brother Robert. Blake also learnt several languages like Hebrew, Latin, Italian and Greek so that he could read the literary works in the original language.
  • When William Blake died, Wordsworth, the renowned poet, said he had no doubt that Blake was mad, but in his madness he could see something of interest that was more than what the sanity of the likes of Lord Byron and Walter Scott had to offer. This may sound strange to many current-day Blake fans, but this was the common opinion of Blake's peers, friends and readers.

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Facts Of William Blake




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Interesting-Facts-About-William-Blake      William Blake was considered as an eccentric by everyone he knew. England almost wrote him off as delusional and insane. While he was composing his poetry, his work did not gain recognition. Only after his death and when his poems were released by a dear friend of his, he became popular. More..




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