William Wordsworth Contributions  

William Wordsworth became famous with his wonderful contributions during the Romantic era of English literature. He was born in the year 1770 on April 7.

In 1798, he published one of his most renowned works titled “Lyrical Ballads”. His other popular collection is “Poems in Two Volumes” which got published in 1807. This collection included the famous “"Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood".

Another contribution which is often quoted the most is “The Prelude”. This poem is semi-autobiographical in nature. The poet revised this work and expanded it quite a few times. Wordsworth was also reputed as the Poet Laureate of England from 1843. He held this honor until he expired in 1850.

Of all his contributions, The Prelude was the most famous one. The background behind this contribution is quite interesting. Wordsworth planned to write a philosophical autobiography in the form of a poem. This was intended to be divided into 3 parts. He wanted to call it “The Recluse”. He started this work around the year 1798. He never named the initial version but called it "poem to Coleridge". He then thought he could make this an appendix to “The Recluse”. He started expanding this work in 1804. Since it was larger than planned, this piece was supposed to be the prologue than appendix of “The Recluse”. He completed the poem in 1805 but did not want to publish it as it was his personal collection. His brother John expired the same year and he got affected. This work finally got published in 1850, the year of his expiry.

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William Wordsworth Contributions




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William-Wordsworth-Facts      William Wordsworth was often referred to as one of the Lake Poets because he was born and raised in the Lake District of Cumbria. He is also believed to be one of the greatest romantic poets. He went o school in Lake District until his mother was alive. He lost his mother at the age of eight, and his father died when Wordsworth was thirteen. More..




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