Captain America Biography And History  

Steve Rogers, fondly known as Captain America, was born in the city of New York, in the US. He was a victim of the Great Depression and constantly fell sick during his childhood. However, even during the worst struggling times, he was a hardcore patriot who was hardworking and honest. His undesirable state of health or wealth never shunned him from seeing the American dream of fighting against Nazis.

Ironically, when he applied for the Army, he was not selected due to his poor health condition. However, Steve pleaded to the officials earnestly and this was noticed by General Chester Phillips who agreed to select him on the condition that he would undergo rigorous training, trials and tests.

Steve was put through Operation: Rebirth, and at the end of these sessions, he came out as a fit man with an athletic body. He was also trained in judo and boxing. Later, Steve came to be known as Captain America, the brave committed soldier warrior who dedicated his entire life to the cause of liberty and freedom of his nation.

Captain America was known more as a defender and protector who loved his people and ideals. His ethical code and unconditional loyalty made him one of the mightiest icon who did not allow corruption enter his way. His only weapon to fight for democracy was a heavy shield made of a strong metallic alloy.

Captain America did not belong to any particular political party. He never feared fighting against the Nazis until the year 1945 when he froze alive in the Arctic Ocean during tragic explosion.

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Captain America Biography And History




Captain-America-Movie-Info      Another famous character from the Marvel-Comic, ‘Captain America’ who is a patriotic hero is going to be made unforgettable by making a movie on him. The script for the film is written by Zak Penn, the very same person who scripted Incredible Hulk. The time set in this film is the Second World War in which Captain America and his arch rival, the leader of the Nazi Terrorist Group, Red Skull have been brought out. The film is to be titled, ‘The First Avenger: Captain America’ and slated to be released by May 2011. More..




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