History Of Catwoman  

Catwoman is a fictional female character which is mostly associated with Batman. This character was created by the duo, Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The character was supposed to be a product of inspiration from Ruth Steel who was Kane’s second cousin.

In 1940, it was Selina Kyle who first starred as Catwoman. She was regarded a villain for having a role which was a mix of a love-hate and sometimes romantic relationship with Batman. In her initial appearances, she was portrayed as a burglar wielding a whip who had a fancy for thefts of high stakes.

In 1954, the Comic Code Authority slashed the portrayal of Catwoman since such a characterization was against the portrayals of female characters. This restriction was in force till 1966.

From 1990 onwards, Catwoman has been pot rayed more as an anti-hero than as a villain. Many attribute this character with the costume associated with the role as fallout of history of abuse.

Many heroines like Julie Newmar, Earthe Kitt, Lee Meriwether and Michelle Pfeiffer have played this role. While Batman Series, a television series got fame to Earthe Kitt in the 1960s’ followed by the release of the motion picture ‘Batman’ in 1966; Michelle Pfeiffer starred and got fame for her portrayal of Cat-woman in the movie, ‘Batman Returns’ in 1992. In 2004, Halle Berry starred in ‘Cat Woman’ which flopped in the box-office.

This character was ranked 11 in the ‘Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Times’ and ranked 51 in ‘100 Greatest Villains of All Times’ in the Wizard Magazine.

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History Of Catwoman




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