Harry Potter Biography And History  

Harry James Potter is the son of Lily and James. He was born on 31 July 1980. Sirius Black was his godfather. The trios were members of the Order of the Phoenix, who fought with Dark Lord, Volan De Mort.

According to a prophecy, a boy child born in late July or August would either win over Lord Volan or die in his hands. On knowing about this prophecy, the later set out to kill Harry. On being cheated by Peter Pettigrew while trying to keep Harry in hiding, on 31 Oct 1981, Dark Lord killed James and lily died in the process of protecting Harry. Child Protection being sorcery caused the spell cast by Dark Lord to get reflected on him thereby knocking off his soul and leaving just a scar on Harry’s forehead.

Dumbledore who is the Director of Hogwarts, a school for witch-craft and sorcery sent Hagrid to rescue Harry. The two left on a motorcycle given by Sirius and reached Yew –Tree Street where Harry is left at door number 4.

The next decade was filled with humiliation and torture by his aunt Lily, uncle Vernon and their son Dudley. They kept him oppressed with the hope that this would not allow his magical talents to come up.

Harry grew into an unimpressive boy but his magical abilities were not suppressed.

After summer in 1991, Harry started receiving strange letters which grew in numbers which his uncle and aunt tried to hide. On the day Harry turned 11, Hagrid came by and told Harry all about his past. Then, a month later, Harry went to the school of for young wizards to learn witchcraft and sorcery.

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Harry Potter Biography And History




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